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Silver spoon "Crying girl"

Silver spoon "Crying girl"

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Impressions from the terrible events of wartime made us create this silver cutlery. Wars lead to the fact that a lot of children lose their parents, and their fates and psyche break. These traumas of children-wars will affect several generations of people.

We should be mindful of these dire consequences so that we can do our best to reduce violence.


Today it is a sketch, and in a few months, it is cutlery.

If you like the sketch, you can pre-order. A 30% discount is valid when purchasing goods at the "Sketch" stage (the discount is already included in the price). All items are made from sterling silver. The product's weight is written approximate and can be either more or less, but the price is fixed.

Upon purchase, you will receive a receipt guaranteeing that the goods will be manufactured and delivered to you, and we will write you additional information.

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