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Silver knife "Everything will be fine"

Silver knife "Everything will be fine"

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Silver knife "Everything will be fine"

The knife is in the waxing stage. But it will be cast in 925 sterling silver in a few weeks. If you order now, we will give you a 20% discount for waiting, and you can buy it for $720. Soon it will cost $900.

The handle of the knife depicts a man hugging his knees. This may be our "inner child", which sometimes we do not listen and do "the way it should be", and not the way we want. And we lose happiness points.

The knife will remind you that the most important person in your life is yourself. And you need to take care of yourself, and you must not forget about yourself.

You can also give this knife to someone who needs to think more about themselves.

The weight of the silver knife is 140 grams.
Height: 21 centimeters
Maximum Width: 3.2cm
Sterling Silver
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