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Spoon "Fast life"

Spoon "Fast life"

Обычная цена 600,00 zł
Обычная цена Цена со скидкой 600,00 zł
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Death is the only thing before which everyone is equal: poor and rich, honest and liars, loved and unloved. It is important to remember that death is merciless and awaits absolutely everyone. We need to live our lives with the knowledge that we are not eternal. What gives this realization?
- The value of our life!

This spoon is an object that reminds us that our life is not endless and that we need to have time to do what is really very important for us.
That life is a value, pleasure, emotions, sensations. That you need to live here and now, do not put off your life for later, because you don’t know when it can be interrupted



Today it is a sketch, and in a few months, it is cutlery.

If you like the sketch, you can pre-order. A 30% discount is valid when purchasing goods at the "Sketch" stage (the discount is already included in the price). All items are made from sterling silver. The product's weight is written approximate and can be either more or less, but the price is fixed.

Upon purchase, you will receive a receipt guaranteeing that the goods will be manufactured and delivered to you, and we will write you additional information.

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